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Private client advisor, private banker, retail bank manager, mortgage representative, business banker and sales manager are some of the titles that I have held over the years. 

Many different titles but there’s one thing about my work that’s consistent, which is how much I’ve  enjoyed helping others reach their goals in life thorough personal development of skills and knowledge.  In my passion in serving others, I am best suited to help others through assisting them in understanding their finances, while attempting to simplify the complex world of banking, lending and investments.

I am a partner to a wonderful woman who is my motivation to always be better, I am a dad which gives me surprising hope for the future, I am a private client advisor for a company that is first and foremost about making a difference for their clients financial lives, I am a skier which provides me a love for all things in the mountains and nature, and I am a civic member within my community for some amazing clubs and organizations that are truly changing our communities and the world for the better. I obtained my degree in finance from the University of Nevada, Reno (Go Wolf Pack) and am currently in pursuit of my masters so that I can continue to better educate others.

After several years in working in the family business I had the unexpected opportunity to change my career and enter into the financial world through retail banking. It was there that I realized that there is an abundance of inexperienced individuals in the financial industry that the public relies on for professional advice. This advice is often based on their personal opinion and practices, a severe lack of knowledge and experience, or for the sole purpose to earn a commission. 

My mission is to educate my clients and readers to help improve their financial literacy so they can make informed financial decisions and empower themselves to take control of their financial lives. I truly have a passion to help clients and readers with better knowledge, to create more comfort, and be empowered through financial knowledge share.

Your financial freedom doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it can be made very easy. Follow me and read on to learn how. 

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