The Mission Behind Better Money Discussions

My passion is in helping others understand finances, while attempting to simplify the complex world of banking, lending, and investments.

There is so much information being bombarded at us­, corporate advertising, advice from friends and family, and worst of all advice from inexperienced bankers and subpar advisors that are supposed to be our go to professionals. Additionally, there is an abundance of inexperienced individuals in the financial industry that the public relies on for professional advice; and even more professionals who attempt to make a convoluted industry more confusing, by using complex processes, products, and jargon that deliver below average returns while charging exorbitant fees.

After several years in the financial industry, I have witnessed to many people giving bad advice based on their personal opinion, lack of knowledge, or for the sole opportunity to earn a commission. In fact before coming to the financial industry I experienced this first hand and have been a victim of catastrophic losses due to professional advice of my “trusted” advisor. Following this advice blindly caused irreparable damage to my financial future at that time. I whole heartedly trusted my advisor to do the best thing for me, I never questioned their advice even when they were recommending products and services that I either did not fully understand what the charges were and how those charges would affect my returns. However, this was the catalyst for me to begin my mission. 

My mission is to educate my clients and readers to help improve their financial literacy that will allow them to make informed financial decisions that will empower them to take control of their financial lives. Serving others to better understand financial concepts in regards to banking, lending, and investments. In an effort to help others fully comprehend: the what, the why, and how much it cost. I truly have a passion to help others learn financial security in the present and financially plan for their futures.

It is my hope that you will use this information as a stepping stone in your financial education. Don’t let it be your last stop in learning process or on your mission to creating the optimum finical future for yourself, make it your starting point. I welcome your questions and comments not only to help you understand finances better but to assist me in my mission to better help my readers and clients through my commitment to continually learn and provide you with more knowledge, comfort, and empowerment.

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